Courses Previously Taught

Architectural Teaching

As regular part-time faculty from 2016 to 2021 at University of Hartford, I taught both undergraduates and graduates until I relocated with my family to Rochester, NY.

A photo of a student refining an architectural drawing.

ADT 110

Architectural Graphics

◥ Fall 2016◥ Fall 2017◥ Fall 2018◥ Fall 2019◥ Fall 2020
A group photo of students and professionals with Julie, with their project models in the foreground.

ADT 123

Architectural Design I

◥ Spring 2017◥ Spring 2018◥ Spring 2019◥ Spring 2020◥ Spring 2021
A student working with a chisel while another student looks on in the woodshop.

ADT 160

Studio/Shop Operations and Safety

◥ Fall 2016 ◥ Spring 2017◥ Fall 2017 ◥ Spring 2018◥ Fall 2018 ◥ Spring 2019◥ Fall 2019◥ Spring 2021
A group photo of students holding their presentation boards, while standing with professionals they presented their designs to in a museum lobby.

ADT485/ARC 585

Graphic Applications for Architects (presentation and graphic editing software)

◥ Spring 2017◥ Spring 2019
A photo of an architectural model made in the Architectural Model Building course taught by Julie.

ADT 248/ARC 585

Architectural Model Building (hand and digital tools—laser-cutting and 3D printing)

◥ Spring 2018◥ Spring 2020◥ Spring 2021
A photo of Julie helping a student with their project on their laptop.

Lab Administration

I had been hired to manage and overhaul the Architecture Woodshop and Digital Fabrication Lab at the University of Hartford to meet accreditation standards. I created a scheduling system and regularly consulted students with fabrication planning. I lead a team with an assistant that had both undergraduate and graduate students.

A department-wide critique of video artwork by a student in the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM), in a large performance space (Pozen Center) at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.

Fine Art Teaching

With my newly earned MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from the former NOMAD MFA program at University of Hartford (now the Confluence MFA program at UNM), and my previous BFA in Multimedia and Performing Arts from the Studio for Interrelated Media (Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston), I am poised to expand on my art teaching portfolio and am interested in teaching foundation courses or studio art. These programs I attended were intensively both critique and community-based. My references include Mary Mattingly, Christy Gast, Billie Lee, and Nita Sturiale.

Teaching assistance (TA) experience in Art & the Internet (Spring 2011) and Art, Life, & Money (Fall 2012) at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

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