A three-quarter headshot of Julie in her home studio.

Hi, I'm Julie, an educator with a background in Art, Design, and Architecture.

A lab with 3D printers, laser-cutters, and computers with students standing next to Julie looking at a site model in the center.

Julie helping students in the digital fabrication lab. Julie has been working with laser-cutting and 3D printing technology since working at Payette in 2005.


As an artist and designer, I approach both in a holistic manner, bringing creative ways to teach using all senses, and bringing communication design and user experience into critique and interpretation. Though the bulk of my experience is in teaching architecture, I completed my MFA in Interdisciplinary Art in 2022 and am fully equiped to teach both technical and studio foundation courses in art and architecture, specializing in concept/ideation and presentation (graphic design, drawing, and model building). I have references (former colleages, professors, and students) who can attest to my capabilities to teach both art and architecture.

Art Practice

I am a professional interdisciplinary artist working mainly with installation and assemblage/bricolage, in the space of grief, loss, and remembrance. More about my diverse background.

A team of students meeting over a site drawing they are working on together.


Although I assign some individual projects, much of my teaching involves group decision making and understanding of team dynamics.

Various sketch models studying design principles made of board, paper, and wood.

Sketch/Model/Macquette Intensive

Using my background in architecture, I developed my own hands-on exercises for understanding process, scale, scope, and execution.

Students and professionals having a design charrette in the middle of an art gallery, with a large picture-window in the background.

Engagement with Professionals and Real-World People

Interacting with real people with real needs gives a voice to otherwise solely hypothetical clients.

Students looking at a large architectural model in a model shop, with the shop owner leading a discussion..


Giving students the opportunities to see work in action for themselves.

A group photo of the last class of students Julie taught at University of Hartford greeting the camera.

Teaching Architecture

As regular part-time faculty from 2016 to 2021, I taught for the Department of Architecture at University of Hartford, until I relocated with my family to Rochester, NY.

A photo of Julie helping a student with their project on their laptop.

Lab Administration

I managed and overhauled the Architecture Woodshop and Digital Fabrication Lab at the University of Hartford to meet accreditation standards. I created a scheduling system and regularly consulted students with fabrication planning, and led a team that had both undergraduate and graduate students with an assistant.

A photo of Julie with a fellow awardee.


In 2019, I received the Gordon Clark Ramsey Award for Creative Excellence for Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty.

A photo of Julie having a conversation with a student.


I acted as the professional sponsor of the Women in Architecture and Design student organization at University of Hartford from its inception until May, 2021. I was also actively involved with additional student organizations.

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